Opening up to

I notice that there is a way to be that I call defenselessness. It is a dropping of the suit of armor and an opening up to life on a moment by moment basis.

At any moment, there is only “opening up to” and “closing down to” life. These are our only two choices. Living open and defenseless to the world is our daily practice.

Imagine living in a world where you could be defenseless, drop your suit of armor, live completely exposed and expand open-heartedly to the world. This is not a place to get to someday in the future. Living open and defenseless to the world is a daily practice. It can be scary at first but it grants you full access to the knowing and power of the field of Life Force already always surrounding you.

Sometimes it looks like the flowers are reaching for the sun. But, actually, the flowers are emanations of the sun as it flows to and through them. The flowers do not concern themselves with “how”. Opening up or closing down to, it’s the only game in town.