The answers are not out there. Neither is feeling good nor is “the power.”
Real power is in here. It’s flowing through me right now. And also through you.
It’s popular to talk about people with money or political control as having power. But power to do what? Gain even more money and more political control? That would be force, not power. Force takes. Power gives.
There are only two essential body postures; one is the inhale and the other is the exhale.
I notice that addictive habits occur for me like an inhale. Examples of these kinds of habits have been marijuana, alcohol, food, buried in hard work, exercise to exhaustion, codependent love and seeking the approval of others. In the addictive mode, I get needy and wanting to fill myself up with something or someone outside of me. It’s like a black hole that must get filled. But, of course, it never can.
This is the inhale. I can not get enough. I have needs. Something is missing. I am taking.
When I am in the exhale posture, I have an abundance of everything. I don’t need love, I am love. I don’t need strength, I am strength. I don’t need guidance, I am the guide. I am giving.
The world of power that we chatter about is a world in which no one can inhale enough. Let me take one more big gulp. I need more. That is the opposite of power.
There is movement from strength and there is movement from weakness. For me, my posture of strength is the exhale. But, truth be told, I tend to try to do a lot more inhaling.
Everything that I have ever accomplished began with first adopting the proper body posture.
Try it for yourself. Is there more power in your inhale or in your exhale?
“When you give rise to that which is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not give rise to it, what you do not have will destroy you.” – from the Dead Sea Scrolls