Are you speaking with your real voice or with a fake voice?
That’s been my work, almost forever, this lifetime.
When I’m really in my voice, it is deep and open. When I’m not, it comes from a constricted place, tight in my throat. The constricted voice is emotionally dead. The real voice actually travels up out of my groin, through my belly, flowing up my chest and out a wide open throat.
I flip back and forth between the real voice and the constricted, dead voice every day. The key is to be aware of it.
Not to talk politics, because I’m not, but I observe that as a nation we are sorely lacking strong voices for a positive vision of the future. If you follow “the news”, it’s almost always about what people don’t want, not an inspirational call towards our higher selves. But let’s not worry about that all just yet.
Bringing it back home, am I speaking (to myself and others) from a positive, inspiring vision for the future? Or am I speaking from hopelessness, certainty and “knowing” how it already is?
There’s an old saying about “as above, so below.” There’s a whole lot of power in that. I don’t need to worry about what “they” are doing or not doing. I don’t need to waste my life force identifying “who is to blame.”
Rather, if I want to actually do something about “it” rather than talking about the problem on the sofa, there is something that I can do. I’ve got my own homework.
My work is to identify when I am speaking for real from my core and when I am speaking from the emotionally dead, hopeless place.
My work is to pay attention and to be aware of when a powerful voice is moving through me and when a constricted voice is playing it safe.
The world doesn’t need more people successfully surviving well. The world needs people like me to tap into something deeper than what I already know, what feels safe and what I’ve resigned myself to. The world needs people like me to find my voice and to use it.