It’s popular to view ourselves and especially others as physical objects making clear choices. But actually we humans appear to be living in an energetic world and a physical world simultaneously.

The energy world and the physical world are two completely different realities. Most of the time, the popular culture talks as if the physical world is the real one.

The talking in the physical world is almost always overrun by the hidden conversation that we are in the energy world. That’s why so many people talk about the money, the relationship, the health, the peace, or the whatever they want to have in life but over and over, they keep getting the same results that are a match for the hidden conversation that they really are.

Groups have their own energy and hidden conversation as well. As a nation, for example, we in the US talk a lot about democracy and freedom but our hidden conversation consistently produces something else.

I am reminded of that quote “I can’t hear a word that you are saying because who you are speaks so loudly.”

Which also reminds me of the quote “in life you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.”

Some people pay a lot of attention to the words coming out of other people’s mouths. I try to listen to the conversation that people are energetically. I’m a feeler so I kind of feel-listen. It’s gotten to the point where I trust my feeling senses a whole lot more than the talking. When I’m feeling really clever, I can catch a glimpse of the conversation that I really am myself.

In our culture, we are trained incessantly to trust our thinking and our talking so much so that we often ignore what is actually showing up in our own lives. It’s also very popular to shame and to blame others for how things are which, again, is the perfect distraction away from taking a good look inside at who we are being energetically.

I can’t do anything about how someone else is being and really it’s none of my business. My business is to own the hidden conversation that I am being.

Maybe that’s a first world problem and privilege but, believe me, living on the California coast places me physically smack at the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy. I may work with my hands more often than most but I also have the luxury to own and explore the world of energy.

In these times of 24/7 blabbering news/noise, I often feel like I am in a foreign world where I don’t speak the language. I have a very deep appreciation for that biblical story about the Tower of Babel.

Which all leads to the matter of trust. Am I willing to trust myself? Will I follow that which I feel to be true? Can I own, not what I think, but rather the conversation that I really am? You know, personal responsibility.

It’s hard work revealing to myself my own hard wiring. Fortunately, the easy part is that the conversation that I actually am shows up consistently in the physical “reality” that I continue to weave around me. All I have to do is to look and see.

And that reminds me of the Aspen trees. When you walk through an Aspen forest, it looks like individual beings. But, actually, the roots are all connected and the entire forest is one unified organism. Just like me.