In my experience, life comes with repeated opportunities to have your heart broken

My menu of options is to:
(1) feel it fully and grieve
(2) feel it fully and be a victim
(3) numb myself to feeling it, or
(4) box my life in to try to avoid the risk of any other such encounters.

It is counter intuitive and, certainly, counter culture to fully feel the pain of heart break, stand in the feeling and be strong feeling it.

Fortunately, I’ve surrounded myself with teachers and friends who are all about feeling the feelings.

My default is, still, to go all Clint Eastwood, “man up”, and shut myself down. I can tough it out with the best of ’em.

But once you know, then you know.

The flowers never chase after the sun as it passes on by. Neither do they begrudge the winter. Odds are very good that with this rain that we are getting, spring is going to come on strong once again.

Its still just a working theory of mine but I believe that it is possible to live this life with a heart so wide open, so exposed, so undefended that nothing at all can truly harm me.

True, I could get hurt. I eventually will die. But far worse, for me, would be to live half dead.