One of the dominant themes for this year — what we’ve been talking about — has been “what we are against.” It’s been our consistent talking point nationwide, top to bottom.
Eventually, we are going to shift into talking about “what we are for.” It’s actually going to be deeper than that. As a country, a culture, we have lost our “story of us”. We are missing “this is who we are and what we are about”. The void, for the moment, is full of “this is who and what we are against”.
We’re like teenagers. We know who and what we don’t like. But we are struggling with creating a new identity.
The movie theaters are full of that old story about the hero who against all odds saves the world. But we’ve all seen too much to believe, anymore, that we are going to save the world.
Like all great ironic tales, the narrative will get flipped on it’s head and the world will save us. We’ll shift from talking to listening.
It’s not that my generation gave up on God. My generation has been fairly confident that the human mind is God. It’s not that my generation went atheist. It’s just that we created God in our own image.
And that hasn’t gone so well.
(I know, I know … I can’t use the word “God”. It’s the second most misused word next to “love”. Everybody uses these words but nobody knows what they really are.)
If you and I took a space ship out to Mars and took a look around, we wouldn’t be thinking that the human mind is the central force in the universe. We wouldn’t be thinking that humans are much of a big deal at all … from that perspective.
There is a central force flowing through the universe and, as well, through you and me. But it ain’t you and it ain’t me. The central force emanates through us, not out of us. It’s a creative force. And it wants to create. Through us.
And it will. Just as soon as we get out of the way. Just as soon as we begin listening.
But right now, it’s mostly all talking.