1) My practice is to set down the suit of armor and to drop defensiveness. The path is to open up into whatever is before me versus closing down to it. Opening up is accepting what is, not in a giving up but, in a posture of allowing what is to be what is. This planet offers many experiences of heartbreak, pain and destruction. Sobriety is about telling the truth about what is and going eyeball to eyeball with it, softening into it and opening up to whatever there is before me. My practice is to drop the resistance within my own body. There is nothing to defend. Nothing can hurt me. Only my closed heart can hurt me.

2) I continue to do the work of emotional and spiritual clearing to create space within myself. I have to feel it to heal it. I have a weekly practice to clear myself and support others who desire to do the same.

3) I mind my own business. Don’t take on anyone else’s business personally. There is my business, your business and God’s business. Do I know the difference?

4) Unless you are poking me with a sharp stick then this upset that I am feeling around you is a triggered memory from my own past. Almost all upset is from the past. You are not the cause of my upset. You are only showing me that which is already inside of me. I choose to consciously own my own memories, habits, behaviors and beliefs. (Anger and sadness are types of upset; so is numb.)

5) I claim responsibility for everything that is happening here. Not like blame or burden but as a place to stand. I choose, in every moment, to be a creator and not a victim.

6) I am my word. I do what I say and I say what I do. Like a practice. How close can I align my speaking and my actions?

7) I reveal my authentic self. Can I drop the posture and the disguises? Can I free myself to just hang out to be seen and heard exactly the way that I am?

8) I am up to something bigger than my own needs, wants and survival. I look to see how I can be a man of service.

9) There is a mind greater than my own. An infinite intelligence visible in a flock of birds and a school of fish. I practice connecting with this unified force and allow it’s creative force to express itself through me, as me. Who I am is the creative force.