During those times when I was in resistance to the person that I was partnered with, I was stuck. Only at the moment that I stood up and walked away, did I become free. Once I was done for myself of being that kind of person, “dancing” in that way with someone else, then I opened up a new possibility for myself of how I would relate to this world and to this life.

No one ever changed anything by resisting it. The laws of nature and physics require that which is resisted to become stronger.

All relationships are a mirror for ourselves. Until I can own the person that I am being in this world, life will continue to reflect my inner truth back to me with the people I am close to, in bed with and whom I am talking about on a daily basis.

Blame is a form of resistance. It’s a denial that the other person is a messenger showing me that which is deep within myself.

Revolution is a higher art than blame. The moment of revolution is a personal decision that “I am not going to do that any longer”. I will no longer be that person living in that way ever again.

As above, so below. Whatever is “out there” to be healed must first be healed within myself.

man in the mirror