A true warrior knows that the battle is always within.
You plant your flagpole and take your stand. You fight to the death. But do you struggle with that stance inside of yourself? Or have you crossed the divide into being totally willing to die (which you are going to anyway).
Suffering is always the product of arguing with what is.
For myself, being a warrior has been a journey. As a young warrior, life was always about proving myself, doing, and accomplishing. As a mature warrior, I have shifted from “what do I want out of life” to “what does life want out of me?”
The only “struggle” is being in resistance to what is and to what life wants out of me.
When I am in “the flow”, I am not resisting. I am allowing a Higher Power to move through me, as me.
At this point in life I would further add that, for me, being a “warrior” was actually a mask to hide behind.