There is no where to go to and nothing to do.

May you enjoy the peacefulness of nothing today, the quiet of nowhere.

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time achieving and proving myself. Proving myself to whom, you might ask. Yes, to whom. To myself, in the end.

I was supposed to succeed like the other successful people. But why?

How much can I get and still not have it be enough?

The pinnacle of success is not to be recognized by others but it is to recognize yourself for who you truly are and to grant yourself the bold courage to be exactly that way.

They say that life is short and that you shouldn’t waste it. But first of all, this life isn’t really mine. It belongs to the wind, the trees and the rocks. I am here in this place and at this time to take my place in the order of all things.

I come from the rains and my life runs to the ocean. I may be the captain of my ship but the river is the master of me.

Some speak of fate but I write of desire. De-sire means literally “of the sire”. My desires are not mine really but come through me from a higher source.

True, I have choice. But my choices are to follow the flow of the desire that runs through me or else to resist it. All the while heading back out to the ocean anyway.

The source of all peace is within me.