Facts and truth are no longer useful within the social conversation. How we organize, plan and move forward as a collective body was informed by something that we called “the age of reason” for about a 500 year period of time. That time is now over.

There is no such thing as facts and truth. There is only “my” facts and “my” truth. The certainty that I have about possessing the facts and the truth is the biggest clue that, in fact, I don’t.

For example, if history is any indicator at all, another 500 years forward from today almost everything that we know about medical science will be shown to be wrong and outdated.

For example, if you read the news sources on the political left and the on the political right every day, you find out that there are millions of people who share a different view of what is going on than other millions of people. The simple notion that “the other” millions of people are “wrong” and that “my” millions of people are right might have worked fine in grade school but it doesn’t help move the social conversation forward now as adults.

Facts and truth are not useful within the conversation. They make for a fun game, like NFL football, but come Monday morning nothing has actually changed.

Leaving behind “the age of reason” is an evolutionary step forward in human consciousness. What’s next? I don’t know.

At the moment, we are sort of stuck clinging to the elementary school notion of a right and a wrong. The idea that I know what is right (me) and what is wrong (them) is a great reveal to the limits of human thinking.

Galaxies are colliding with other galaxies right now. Down at the frog pond, Billy frog mounted Mary frog last night and, boy, did that cause an upset with the other frogs. But you won’t see any of those stories in the news today. All you will see is an almost identical version of “what’s going on” as told yesterday. The best that we can do is to tell virtually the same story about reality as we did yesterday with maybe one small new wrinkle.

Who we are is the story that we tell about ourselves. That story is ever changing but at a pace that is almost imperceptible on a daily basis. Without the story, we are empty blank spaces of consciousness. “Reality” is only what the story says that it is at the moment. Facts and truth only exist within the story as it is being told.

Without the story, there is no suffering. Without the story, there is nothing wrong. Without the story, the universe is functioning perfectly, all without my help or opinion.

People will pay a lot of money and shed a lot of blood to defend their own version of the story. The empty space of pure consciousness is an uncomfortable place to hang out. It’s the most powerful place to be but it requires a lot of intention and focus to stay there. Certainty is a whole lot more comfortable than uncertainty. But the only thing that you can be sure of is nothing.

No thing and no where. Space, peace and light. That’s the truth.