For most of my life, I was in drama filled relationships. I was addicted to drama. It’s very popular. Everybody’s doing it. You can’t have a movie or a tv show without drama, suspense, power and control. Or an election.

I’m still in withdrawal. I mean, I’m not doing drama filled relationships any more but once an addict, always an addict.

The high of drama, struggle, loud words or no words is all about power and control. It feels good to feel really alive. Nothing like a few hits of drama over your lover, your mother or your choice presidential candidate to make you feel like you are really living.

I’m like a kid in a candy shop who is trying to not eat candy, these days. What a temptation. There are so many people to judge, disagree with or talk about. But I’m trying to keep my hands in my pockets and out of my mouth.

My guidance system is “my business”, “their business” and “God’s business”. As long as I can be clear about which is which and also about which of the three above is my business then I’ve got something strong (and clear) to work with.