Over the years, I’ve used a lot of coping strategies to deal with the discomfort of being alive. Running and working really hard are two that come to mind. Meditation, alcohol, pot, extreme athleticism outdoors in the mountains and on the rock are others. Being in drama with or about someone else is a more subtle escape (hint: presidential election). Being in drama with myself.

But in the end, I’m left with the fact that living is an uncomfortable event.

So I’ve taken on a process for myself: lean into the discomfort. Instead of grasping for the illusion of happy, got it all together, getting numb or sticking my nose into your business, I’m exploring what it’s like to just hang out raw and vulnerable on my leading edge of being alive.

What’s that meme? “Shit just got real up in here.”

Instead of trying to fix myself, get better, or get more … instead of distracting myself or getting numb … I’m hanging out in the feeling of uncomfortable, not sure and whatever emotions come up, as they come up.

And I might even tell the truth about it, to myself and to others, as I am feeling it.