There are only two kinds of prayers: a prayer for heaven on earth and a prayer for hell on earth.
When someone is praying, however they do to whomever they do, the content of their prayer doesn’t reveal the kind of prayer that it is. Rather where the prayer comes from, where it is sourced from, determines the kind of prayer that it is.
“Dear powers that be, please give me money.” That’s a typical prayer, right? This type of prayer is sourced in “I don’t have money” or “I don’t have access to money” or maybe “money is difficult.” In this example, the prayer is about “hey powers that be, there is scarcity down here in my world.” So, it’s a prayer sourced in a vision of hell on earth.
Same with relationships. “Powers that be, please bring me a loving relationship.” That kind of prayer comes from a world in which there are no loving relationships to be had.
It’s like asking for rain while believing with all your heart that there is no rain to be found.
It’s also quite popular for people who are not much for prayer in the first place to give it a go when they are sick. Like, why not, right?
Maybe getting sick and dying is healthy and natural. Just saying. Seems like it’s at least normal and guaranteed.
U.S. presidential election. You be the judge. Is that sourced in a vision of heaven on earth or a vision of hell on earth?
On the street, prayer is about “what can I get?” It’s about “hey, I need a special deal here.”
But what if, at a higher level of understanding, prayer is really about “what can I give?”
In our men’s group, we sometimes talk about a man standing in his masculinity like a man standing in his kingship planting a flag in the ground stating that “this shall be so!” It’s a declaration. A promise. A speaking of the word.
What if prayer is really a speaking of the word between you and the powers that be?
What is the word that you are speaking?
What is the flag that you are planting in the earth today?
Right now, in this moment, are you invoking heaven on earth or are you a stand for hell on earth?