It’s none of my business who the next president of the United States is.

My business is knowing who I am going to vote for, if I do. It’s none of my business who you are going to vote for.

I might have an opinion myself but that opinion and $2.50 gets me a cup of coffee at the cafe. My opinion isn’t worth anything. It doesn’t make any difference at all.

When I talk about “my business”, I am talking where I am investing my life force. Where, what and on whom do I expend my life force?

Some investments gain a return, other investments of my life force are like the sound of one hand clapping. Maybe there’s a lot of motion but nothing at all is being created.

“My business” is the people, events and places where my energy, my life force, makes a difference or an impact (either good or bad). It’s where my feet hit the ground in my life.

Maybe one day I’ll get personally involved in someone’s political campaign. Maybe one day I’ll own a basketball team. Maybe not. But until then, who wins is not something I am a part of.

Expending energy as a player is crucial. Expending energy as a spectator is energy lost, except for its passive entertainment value.

Expending energy on other people’s business is a misplaced investment and usually, I find, a good way to distract myself from my own true business.