To domesticate an animal is to train it, to adapt it to live in a way that is useful for humans. People are also domesticated. A domesticated person is one who is taught to feel comfortable at home. He has been made fit for domestic life.
A horse is called “broken” when it has discarded his wild nature and conforms to a way of living directed by someone else. So too have domesticated humans been “broken”. We have learned to follow the guidance of other people and a culture of thought outside of our own bodies. In school, for twelve, sixteen or more years, you and I were trained to ignore our own bodies, ignore our own innate wisdom and to “think” like other people think.
This U.S. presidential election season highlights the worst of us all not thinking for ourselves.
Not one of these presidential candidates is going to fix anything. Sorry. The speed of change required cannot be directed by a bureaucracy. Or a leader.
“The problem” is over here, not over there.
But on and on for twelve or more months we chatter about how our candidate is “the one”.
Here is the really, really bad news. You are “the one”.
The new administration and the right leadership is pulsating up and down your spinal cord. To the extent that you and I can get really quiet and just listen to the innate wisdom of our own bodies, only then maybe will we each be able to stand up and be the change.
Revolution does not have leadership. Sure, people are always willing to step in and grab the reins of leadership. People love to be “in control”. But revolution starts down at the bottom, in the heart and soul of many different human beings.
No one had to tell people to come out and tear down the Berlin Wall in 1989. No one had to tell people to come help rescue people at the Trade Center Buildings in NYC in 2001. People know in their feet when it is time to stand up.
Who is the leader in this flock of 60,000 Starlings in flight?
If you are at all like me, sometimes you are afraid to stand up and follow your own inner calling. That is why we love the Khardasians, the Oscars, and the presidential elections as much as we love alcohol, television and drugs. I know, let’s watch the debate! It’s all a beautiful distraction.
But the truth is that deep down, we each know precisely what to do. That’s the raw, scary part. You are “the one”.