It is a very 21st century philosophy that all things can be achieved with the proper application of thought alone. But the “man who stand on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in” – Confucius.

The problem with “positive thinking” is that what most people call positive thinking is a thin veneer of want applied on top of a deep ocean of negative belief.

Saying that you want something does not move the world. Saying that you don’t want something does not move the world.

Only movement – action – moves the world, your world.

Desire and passion are higher levels of conscious awareness.

The lowest level of consciousness is want.

But below that, at the unconscious level, we are driven by need. Over time, your thoughts, habits and actions will be a perfect expression of your unconscious needs. Regardless of what you say that you want, your life is going to continue to head in the direction of your unconscious needs.

Each of us walks the path of the hero’s journey. In the plot lines of our lives, Storyline “A” is our conscious desire. Woven into that is the (usually) hidden Storyline “B” of unconscious need.

The people who move us the most, the bright light leaders, the movers and the shakers, the avatars, are the ones who have aligned their unconscious need with their conscious desire. They are congruent. They move with passion, belief, certainty, and a sense of destiny. These qualities can not be faked. We know an authentic person when we see one.

For those who are congruent, their lower self is in alignment with their higher self. They stand on the earth with a straight spine, like a flagpole planted, staking out their claim to their message and their mission.

They live for a clear purpose. The congruent ones are up to something. People are drawn to bright light leaders like a moth to a porch light.

The alignment of every cell in their body generates a sort of white light which we may or may not see with the eyes but the bright light leaders naturally create an eager audience.

Our work here is to illuminate and excavate the areas in our body and in our life that are not in total alignment with our passion and desire. We are becoming congruent human beings.