My morning meditations have expanded awareness into my energetic body. The past couple of years, there has been a lot of intent towards getting out of my thoughts and into my physical body which has been a focus on my gut, mostly, and sometimes my solar plexus.

My gut is the energetic center of my one on one relationships, sex and money. I’ve spent a lot of time there. I’ve called it the subconscious world. There was a lot of focus on feeling it, telling the truth about it and bringing it out to daylight.

Recently, I am feeling a lot of freedom. I’ve made good friends with the undercurrents in my gut. That gives me space to shift my focus elsewhere energetically.

My heart is the central balance point of my energetic body.

In my throat is the energetic center of speaking, creating, and choosing.

Thinking, truth and intellect is also an energetic center, overly relied upon as it often may be.

I am surrounded by a higher mind, inspiration and infinite intelligence. Maybe it’s like a bubble of light surrounding me, just for the fun of a good visual. I feel like a toddler still learning to walk in this region.

My energetic body is made up of each of these swirling energetic centers individually and as a whole.

My relationship with Carole has opened up doors of inner peace within myself. Or maybe my inner peace has opened up a door that let Carole in.

There is a ringing in my ears like the soft sound of a clear glass bell, as the blood courses through my body singing to me, indicating when I am being true.

I have a physical body and I have an energetic body. But I am neither of these things. Maybe I am the awareness. But I am aware that I am aware. So, what does that tell you?