My life moves in fits and starts. Meditation, exercise, writing and love seem to each move with their own ebb and flow. Sometimes less and sometimes more.

This has been a time of great flow for me. When I care to see it, life in all ways is ridiculously good right now. The trouble is that that I am accustomed to life being difficult and a problem. I am comfortable with struggle and with things falling apart. But allowing the flow of the good is a lot more weird.

I am blessed with love, friends, home and the opportunity to write, which is my art and my passion.

My long transition has been from young warrior to mature warrior. In the past, I had great success in making things happen, setting goals and getting it done; a self driven life.

But in truth, the writing is pulling me along now, I’ve been overly stuck on thinking and willing my way through it. Actually, now, it is the writing that desires to move through and over me.

My daily practice is to begin to learn to get out of the way of Passion as She rises up and begins to exert Her will through my writing. If I am willing, “Intent” is a greater force of a Higher Mind wanting to move and use me towards its will.

What would You have me do?

My daily practice is about learning how to get the hell out of the way of heaven as She desires to move through me and as me.