What is your morning practice?

There are two things I do to start my day right. The first is to meditate quietly for 20 minutes. The focus of that is to get out of my thoughts and into my body.

I drop out of my head and deep down into my gut. Some days, I remain mostly in the chatter of the monkey mind. Some days I sink completely into my body and continue to expand outward in all directions. It doesn’t really matter. It’s not about doing it “right”. It’s about the practice.

The second thing that I do is hand written cursive journaling; three full pages. The cursive writing is the key; it is very somatic.

I put my mind and body on loud speaker and let whatever comes up flow onto the paper. It might start out like this:
“This is stupid. I don’t know what to write.”

From there it might move into talking about how I feel about an interaction I had yesterday with someone and it still bugs me. Or maybe about how my stomach doesn’t feel good or whatever.

Three pages of cursive journaling is a proven way to blow out the cobwebs and open up the channels of creativity.

With all of this, the focus of my morning practice and throughout the day is to get out of the chatter of my monkey mind and into the flow of knowing that already moves from my body.

I practice moving from my body and un-learning that “I am my thoughts.”