Its very different being in Yosemite Valley in the winter mostly enjoying the warmth of a large fireplace, writing and hanging out with Carole.

Most of my 50-something trips here, in the past, have involved rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and other athletic feats of derring-do.

Honestly it’s a little weird to be here on a more introspective mission but the weather seems to agree. This is probably the quietest week of the year here both in The Valley and within myself. More and more, going deeper, quieter and more peaceful within myself seems to be the only way.

I have been writing about getting out of the chatter of “thinking” and deeper into the knowing of my body. That’s a somewhat singular focus of mine, connecting with a higher mind and the flow.

Current cultural thinking about thinking has taken us all so far away from feeling and knowing that this has got to be the height of the religion of “the separation”. There are many of us who, in our own ways, point towards a world where thought will no longer be “god”.

I have been anti-religion to the extent that it has encouraged “the separation” between our own innate knowing and Higher Mind; to the extent that it promotes a “god out there.”

Similarly, and yes I know it is heretical to say it, I find myself to be anti-science to the extent that it has, of late, become the new religion. We are “scientifically speaking” only supposed to “know” and understand the world in terms of previously approved science and not in terms of any other form of interior knowing that we may already have access to. What? At best, “science” understands 5% of how the universe works and yet the religion of science would have you believe that the world can only be comprehended through that small lens.

I am not at all opposed to thinking but thoughts do not equal thinking. Most of what we call “thinking” is just empty chatter.

Rather, each of us has full access to all knowing and infinite intelligence within our own bodies – if not our thoughts – precisely because there is no separation at all between each of us and the infinite everything.

The power is within each of us to know our own purpose and when we are being true. My body tells me when my thoughts and actions serve the greater whole or whether they attempt to swim upstream. My body is a finely calibrated drop of everything.

So, I consider myself to be an explorer out on the frontier of listening to my own heart, my own body, even if on this wintery evening I have chosen the relative comfort of the indoor fireplace.