Over the past decade, I grew accustomed to a certain level of chaos in my life. It was a mirror reflection of the turmoil deep down below in my emotional world.

As I like to say, at approximately the age of 42, many of us are scheduled for a shift, a mid-life crisis, a dark night of the soul. As with my own experience, the world gets turned upside down on its head. Up is down. Good is bad. What seemed to work before no longer works now.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to go through puberty again and the teenage years but, let’s face it, at the time that was the right thing to be going through.

A life crisis, a spiritual crisis, whenever it shows up in life — and as many times as it shows up in life — is the right thing to be going through just like puberty once was.

Like clockwork, I dove into my own life crisis at the age of 42 years old. Don’t want to scare anyone, so perhaps I shouldn’t mention that it ended up being a ten year journey for me.

On the plus side, I am now an expert on the topic of the journey of emotional and spiritual awakening. I have plenty to offer about freeing yourself up from the past and creating a new story. It gives me plenty to write about and I get to coach other people through the process.

Where I am now in my personal journey is into a new chapter of settling down. The relationship that I share with my love Carole and the life that we are building together is a mirror reflection of the personal work that I have done and of the personal peace that I have acquired inside.

There’s an old biblical quote about “as above, so below” which I interpret to mean that whatever is occurring for me out on the surface of my life is simply a mirror reflection of what is occurring for me below the surface, deep down inside of my (mostly) subconscious, emotional world.

There’s a little bit of catching up that I am doing with myself, intentionally. The catching up is the realization and the acknowledgement that I have matured beyond my long chapter of inner chaos and upheaval. This is now a new chapter of peace and settling down. The settling down is a conscious process of grounding myself; of rooting myself into my place in this world.

As I settle down into, mature into, my new chapter of inner peace, it is wanting to grow inside of me and expand out of me as a gift which I offer to others.