How do we move from sex as physical release into an energy exchange of sacred sex?


Hot sex is generated between the charged poles of the masculine and the feminine. Not at a neutral mid-way meeting place but in the deep chasm between the two polarities.

The word “masculine”, here, does not mean macho or conqueror; it means a grounded space of quiet consciousness.

The masculine is a divine spiritual stand, a space of eternity. The feminine is color, movement, expression and display. A man could be the more feminine partner. A woman could be the more masculine.

1) I approach my lover deeply grounded in the masculine as a daily practice. Obviously, hot sex is pleasurable. But only as a by product of the dance.

Hot sex is pleasurable the way that breathing is pleasurable. Sure it feels good but, more than that, breathing is life.

Our “sexual” practice with each other is life itself. To rise to the level of sacred practice, I’d better show up with more than brief entertainment in mind.

2)  As the masculine, my breath is deep and rhythmic. It matches her breath.

3)  The nerves inside of my body are inside of her feeling everything.

I feel my lover. Feel her feeling me. Not by thinking but by the opposite. I am a space of consciousness.

4)  The empty space of nothing and everything. I am the blank canvass against which she unfurls her shimmering radiance and dance. She is movement and light.

5)  I penetrate from an unwavering space. I stand erect and fully present to her. She has my full attention. The deeper I am in the masculine, the deeper she dances the feminine.

If I want hot sex with my feminine lover, I need to find a deeply masculine place within myself. The same is true for my business projects; I penetrate my mission from my masculine. I feel out into the world. I feel the world feeling me.

I impregnate life with my phallus; her life and my business life. She is receiving me. She is yielding to me. Not as a sign of weakness but rather on the full blossom of trust.


Make no mistake, this is not a sexual act. This is a spiritual act. Be you male or female you, too, can stand erect and unwavering. Anyone can swing towards the masculine pole to remain grounded and clear. Anyone can penetrate a business, a mission, a lover or a goal. Anyone can swing towards the feminine pole.

It only matters that you remain true to who you really are. Man with man, woman with woman, man with woman, whoever you are, if you want hot sex then one must stand in the masculine and one must flow in the feminine. These polarities can be reversed over and over again, moment by moment. It is a dance.

Once you become an adult person with a mission, then your sex life serves as a sacred practice that can fuel this mission. Showing up in your masculine expression with your lover is a divine blessing upon your lover’s body and on your own.


Who do you perform this blessing with? What is the sacred blessing that they bestow upon you? How do you bless them?

Are you aware of the energetic consequences of your sex?

What kind of energy exchange are you engaged in?

Are both you and your lover practicing clitoral orgasm and quick ejaculation, or are you able to dive deeper with each other? Can you hold the pose deeply? A woman can experience a deeper vaginal orgasm and even more deeply a cervical orgasm. Men can also transport sexual union to similar heights of sacred communion within their own body. What type of orgasm do your practice with your business?

If there is emotional baggage in the way, an arms length transaction or a love partner who is not truly compatible then trust, openness and vulnerability will not open fully. Without the open space of trust, unregulated giving and receiving, there can be no sacred exchange but only, at best, a happy ending.

But for a man or a woman who spends daily time in the masculine energy, perhaps in the business world, the practice of sacred sex builds a reservoir of sacred jet fuel in the bedroom that can then be used to power the mission back at the office.

Sex practiced sacredly empowers both the masculine partner and the feminine partner. The deeper the bedroom dive into either the masculine or the feminine polarity, the stronger that muscle is back in the outside world.

Sacred sex is contact with the divine.

Choose your sex partners wisely. The energetic impacts of a love relationship unconsciously radiate outward into every other area of your life. Your willingness and ability to penetrate the soul of your lover informs and reveals your ability to penetrate the soul of your life mission.

To engage in sacred sex is to commit to a divine practice fully aware of the energetic grid you are weaving.

hot sex photo Mayur Gala unsplash