In a well written story, we get to follow along as the hero pursues his/her desire. She goes after what she wants. But the hero also has blind spots. There are aspects to her behavior, patterns to her life, about which she doesn’t know that she doesn’t know.

In the well written novel or movie screen play, we are drawn in as the hero pursues his/her want but we watch with fascination as his/her life continues to be redirected by a deep unconscious need.

A powerful life coach will support you in getting what you want by helping you become aware of unconscious beliefs, behaviors and habits that are actually driving the bus of your life. Sure, let’s figure out what you really want and create a road map that will get you there.

But let’s find out what you really need and make sure that you become conscious about satisfying those needs along the way.

Often times, our lives are a repeating pattern of lessons we learned and emotional wounds left unhealed from early childhood. We spend our adult lives living the beliefs and habits we developed early on. We compensate for childhood experiences that are still stuck in our body, not yet resolved. We cover up the past and then drag it along unconsciously as we attempt to move freely into the future.

A good life coach is going to help you find your own blind spots.

A good life coach is going to listen to you, to everything that you are saying and, especially, to the things that you are not saying.

A good life coach is going to hold you accountable for what you say that you want and for what you say that you are going to do to get there.

A good life coach is going to assist you in revealing to yourself those aspects of yourself about which you don’t know that you don’t know.