If you are at all like me, it is easy to get trapped in subtle choices of what I “should” do, am “supposed to” be doing, and proving myself.

It is a subtle game because, for example, when I am making good money it feels right. At least for a while. I mean, “everybody knows” that making money is a sign of success.

The problem is that few of us define success on our own terms.

When the morning bird sings his song, is he successful? Kind of a silly question. By definition, success is achieving something that we think proves ourselves in someone else’s eyes. That’s why we worship celebrities – our modern day gods – because they represent the achievement of success. They may or may not have a lifestyle that you want but at least they appear to have a very public recognition that they are “successful”.

Inherently, success either occurs in the past or in the future. “Oh, look what I did!” Or else, “I am going to make it!”

In other words, success does not exist in real time. Success does not exist.

I am fairly sure that it is not just me. Even after all of this time and all of this personal work, there is a subtle hint of me looking over my shoulder and wondering about “what do they think” and “have I proven myself?”

Its a fairly deep inquiry. What are you doing today? Why? Is it because you “have to”?

Or is it the song that you sing whether anyone else is listening or not?

trail junction signs 8 31 2005