Be careful about what you put into your mouth and also what you allow into your ears. “The news” isn’t real, true or useful. “The news” is a package of pain and suffering sold only to those who are willing to buy.

Terrorists don’t live next door. No one in this country will die of measles this year (or Ebola or the swine flu). There is just as much water on the planet as there always was. True, we are in for some big changes. Better to ride on top of the waves than to be tossed about. Don’t argue with the waves. Ride them.

At the risk of spoiling it for you, all of the daily talking points coming from elected officials of the federal government are absolute gibberish. I don’t know what the U.S. Congress is smoking or talking about, so I don’t listen. I mean, if my listening made a difference in my life for other people then I would. But it doesn’t.

This isn’t negative, defeatist or head in the sand “thinking”. Rather it is clear headed real thinking for myself. Time to call it as I see it: a lot of talking is just unnecessary noise. A lot of talking is unresolved, unexpressed and unacknowledged pain.

You choose what goes into your mouth. You choose what goes into your ears.

Of course, the worst and loudest commentator in my life is that ugly, mean voice inside of my own head. But I am starting to watch myself there, too. Yes, I am good enough. Actually I do know how to accomplish anything my heart and mind are aligned on. I do not have to prove myself, push myself, or succeed. I have already made it. I have arrived.

If I am lucky, I just may spend a few minutes listening to what a tree has to say today. Or notice the good omen of that red tailed hawk flying by.

If I really hit my stride today, I just may wind up more peaceful this evening than when I woke up. And I just might share that peace with someone else.

Garbage in, garbage out. Peace in, peace out.