You know if you are headed “true north”. The only problem is with fidelity to your own internal compass.

Sometimes dishonesty seems easier than the discomfort of a major course correction. Human nature wants to veer off course sometimes.

We are each born with one true mission to accomplish. One clear dream. One unique form of expression.


The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the

day that you find out why”—Mark Twain.


Are you headed “true north” for yourself? We each know what our “true north” is. Listening quietly, you know the very next step to take right now.

At 52 years old, I tell ya, life goes by quickly. I held my daughter the moment she was born. Now she’s in college. Life goes by that fast. And then you die.


Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

—Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society.  Click here.


Following your own “true north” is not a matter of not being afraid. It is a choice to no longer be afraid of being afraid.

Maybe your “true north” involves letting go of a lover. It might forego financial security. Maybe it involves getting into physical shape, acquiring training or starting over.

A course correction means that other people will challenge you and test your conviction to follow your own inner compass. Human beings are herd animals, we are programmed to follow the tribe. Grown sheep follow the crowd.

Being courageous enough to let go of a secure, predictable life means you are going to upset friends and family who have settled into the mediocrity of security. Being comfortably numb is very popular.

Common wisdom says “better safe than sorry.” But is it?

Life is a game. A game requires obstacles. Something has to be at stake. Are you playing the game of “what do others think?” Or are you thinking for yourself?

Are you following your own north star? Or is it time for a course correction?

Only the direction of “true north” will give you a life of satisfaction. Only then will you fulfill your personal destiny. Only then will the winds of the universe be at your back.

Preacher man says the devil might take your soul. Failure to step up is that deal with the devil. Playing it safe puts you in hell.

If you head towards your “true north” will you make it? Maybe. But if you don’t head “true north”, then you won’t.

What is the alternative to playing full out?

We are all on a rock hurtling through space and we’re all going to die. Survival is not an option.


In the end, each of us sings our own true song. Or we don’t.


Are you playing it safe? Or are you playing it to win? Click here.