My coffee tastes a little bit bitter.  Like maybe it is too strong.  Making coffee can be a bit scientific.  Let’s assume that I use the same coffee bean every morning and remove the beans as a variable in the equation.  In that case, it is a matter of the quality of the water, how fine the grind of the beans is, the precise quantity of coffee used and the length of time that the ground coffee steeps in the French press.  Seems like that whole process should be fairly simple to monitor and adjust and that the perfect cup of coffee could be attained every time.

 But maybe there is something about my palate.  Maybe my tongue is not always the same.  What if being fully hydrated or slightly dehydrated made a huge difference in the way that the coffee tastes as it lands on my tongue?  What if last night’s dinner has changed the way that things taste on my tongue this morning? 

 Maybe the conversation in my head that I am allowing for myself, about myself, has something to do with the degree to which I find my cup of coffee pleasurable or slightly bitter?  What if it is I who is slightly bitter this morning?

 That’s a whole lot of questions, first thing in the morning.  Here I was hoping that this morning coffee would set me in the right frame of mind when, maybe in fact, it is my frame of mind that sets forth the right cup of coffee.


french press coffee