More and more, I practice moving from stillness.

 In my early adult days, I was heavily influenced by the Tony Robbins school of thought of “take massive action”.  There is a time and a place for that.  But that is secondary.

The first step is to get quiet.

The second step is to listen to the suppressed voices of unexpressed communication and stuffed feelings.  The old stories that you tell about yourself are tied to the stuff stuck in your body.  Say what you need to say.  Feel what you need to feel. 

You have to feel it to heal it.

The more you can clear out the old emotional debris, the more quiet you can get.

The more quiet that you get, the less that you are lost in the chatter of the monkey mind.  One of the great revelations of our time is that we are not our thoughts.  We “think” that we are our thoughts but we are not.  Finding the quiet is to connect with a you that has thoughts, to connect with a you that can observe the thoughts.

As you empty out the old feelings, unexpressed communications and old stories, you begin to get empty.  As you continue to empty, the more you become an empty channel.  The energy moving through you and the intuition moving through you are not “yours”.  It belongs to a collective consciousness.  Human beings are herd animals.

The more quiet that you become, the more that you can observe the free flow of energy and knowledge through your body.  It flows through your body, in and back out.  But neither energy nor knowledge is yours.  You are a surfer of the waves of human consciousness.

But to be a flexible, free flowing surfer, first remove your baggage and street clothing.  Disrobe and make yourself free.

Take action from the quiet knowing of a higher mind.

Turn off the “news”.  Disengage from “gossip”.  Give yourself permission to follow the guidance of your own inner silence.  No one else knows how Spirit wants to move through you right now.  Only you do.