Sit there quietly alone. Let go of the search for a love beyond yourself. Connect with your own heart. Allow yourself to find the white light of love emanating from within your own heart. Now allow the white light to grow; it gets wider, brighter and stronger.

The white light of love spills out of your own heart and fills your own body up to full.

The white light of love continues to pour forth from your heart like the growing current of a storm. It spills outward and out of you, overflowing the banks of your own body; out into the world.

All the love that you have ever wanted was within you all along.

All of the love for which the world cries out for is within you and so much more. Allow the overflowing and outpouring of your own heart to flood the banks of the hearts of all those around you that they too may come to know the endless current that is also within themselves.