The cultural norm is for each of us to believe that we have something to hide. The belief is that we have things that no one else should know about. But there is a tremendous power in beginning to train ourselves to turn that upside down. There is a huge strength and freedom that comes as we learn to expose ourselves and speak our deep truths loudly. When the private becomes public, it is no longer our burden to bear alone.

The old paradigm of “me,” what can I get, and how can I win, is being replaced by a commitment for the “we.” What do “we” need? How can we all win?

In a world where we all get to win, it is okay for all of us to reveal ourselves deeply. In a “me” world, there is some sort of ideal that we are all supposed to reach for and, typically, never quite achieve. That is why we have to hide and pretend. If each one of us has to reach for someone else’s version of success, then most of us never make it and most of us get stuck with “I am not good enough.”

In a “we” world, everyone is okay exactly the way that they are and precisely where they are. Everyone can be supported in living a life true to their own deep essence. We can support each other to get in touch with our own individual desire. We can empower each other to flow from our individual passion within. In a “we” world, we actually need and want you to bring forth your own unique gifts in your own unique way.