Your upset is not with the “facts” of the story.
Your upset is with your story about the story.

“He left me.”
“I am broke.”
“My dad was always angry.”

What if “he left me” slowly transformed into a story about how “he finally stepped away and gave me the freedom to become the beautiful goddess that I am today”?

What if “I am broke” becomes, “thank God that I am no longer stuck in that business/job because now I am free to pursue the life of my dreams? I have already hit bottom so there is nothing to worry about. My inauthentic life crumbled and now I am free to really be me.”

What if “my dad was always angry” shifted into “my dad loved me so much and he was so wanting to express that love that he could only get it out by talking very loudly to me? He was afraid to show how much he really cared and loved me.”

So, go ahead and embrace the “facts”. What actually happened? Now, begin training yourself to tell a vastly more empowered tale. Begin to talk about your hero’s journey and how that person and how that event was precisely the moment and the experience you needed to become the bright light and powerhouse that you are today.

So, go ahead and thank that person and that event for the gift they gave to you.