The path to great success is paved with a thousand broken stones of failure. And maybe, so too, is the path to the relationship of my dreams paved with the stones of broken hearts.

I don’t preach a gospel of manifestation or attraction or “Secrets” like that. It just isn’t what I am called to teach or even, necessarily, to live. I am much more interested in the passion that flows through me and calls me to step forward than the raw desire of what I think that I “want”.

Never-the-less, I “know” that I am a married man. Two divorces later and a few other broken hearts along the way, I know this is true for myself as surely as I know that the next breath follows this one.

Probably, I am not so good at being single; evidenced, no doubt, by my inability to run single for very long.

If you beat upon a block of marble with a hammer long enough, chips of rock begin to fly. To most eyes, there appears to be a rough chunk of metamorphosed limestone. But to those that can really see, there is an angel underneath the coarse edges of the cold stone over here. Nothing that a few thousand more blows of the hammer won’t surely reveal.