My first book, Seeking Masculine Freedom, is about a man reconnecting deeply with his masculine essence. I was able to write the book from a place of flow. I would go out for a short walk, get grounded into my feet and then go deeply into my core in my gut. I would come home and sit at the keyboard. The words would flow from my gut and out of my fingertips. I was able to channel the “information” from a knowing or a higher source. I set my thoughts and thinking aside. I wrote the book in 16 days. This process is, to a certain extent, what the book is about. The book is also about an evolved definition of masculinity for modern times.

My book is shaping up to be a trilogy. I am now working on the second book with a working title of “Finding the Little Boy” about a man reconnecting with his lost inner boy and integrating him fully into the adult. As in my case, embracing the little boy will allow me to step into a much more fun, playful and talkative version of the man that I am. Many men (and women) find themselves stuck in a time in their body where they abandoned their own inner boy (or girl).

The third book in the series has a working title of “Seeking Feminine Freedom” which will, again, be a book about men by a man. In this book, I will explore the idea that women have evolved over the past 50 years, in part, because they have embraced and given themselves some permission to shift into and out of the masculine energy. Today’s masculine man is somewhat lost in an outdated, empty definition of masculinity. There is a new movement for men to step into an evolved definition of masculinity which will require, in part, that a man come to know, embrace and express the feminine energy within himself as well as his masculine.

I look forward to connecting with others who are working on these topics.