I want you to take a moment here. I want you to really get this. Okay?

You are going to die. You will turn to dust. Eventually no one will ever know who you were or that you were here. Does that sound pessimistic to you? Well, let’s turn it around. I just gave you all of the permission in the world to do just whatever the hell you want.

Life is empty and meaningless. That’s just the way it is. The only things that have any real meaning are those things that matter to you. Only you know what really matters to you. How much longer are you going to keep living your life the way that someone else thinks that you should?

I just gave you all the permission in the world. I want you to love what you love. I want you to pursue what you are passionate about. I want you to live the life of your dreams.

Not tomorrow, not next week, I want you to pursue your passion today if only for a little bit. But, now, what is your desire?

In the movie Adaptation with Nicholas Cage, the climax is the line “You are what you love, not what loves you.” So many of us spend so much of our lives looking over our shoulders for the approval of others. This is usually very subtle but we are trapped inside our own box of what we should and shouldn’t do. Passion is what you love. If you are not fully and completely risking it all to pursue what you love in life then you are ripping yourself off. Then you are living a lie.

Further, the man who does not fully pursue his passion is a traitor to the community. He has made something else more important than giving his true gift fully to the community. He has made fear his god. If you are living your life in the false hope of gaining the love and approval of others then you are only half a man. A mature masculine man is a man on a mission. He is living his passion. He is pursuing the life of his dreams.

Time to take another little pause here and be quiet. What are you truly passionate about? What is your heart’s deep desire? This is not an easy question.

Most of us have been trained out of connecting deeply with our own passion and our heart’s true desire. We have been told to be reasonable. We have been told to play it safe. “Get good grades. Get a good job. Be responsible.” There was absolutely nothing in the message from parents and teachers about “follow your heart wherever it guides you.” They thought they were doing you a favor by telling you to “play it safe.” Most of us have no idea what we really, deeply desire because we have gotten so good at ignoring the whispering guidance of our own heart. We were trained to ignore the whispering of our own heart.