Here is the thing about an open heart: it can’t actually be hurt.
Sure, ok, if you are two years old. Then, yes.
But I am talking about you.

For most of us, most of the time, upset and heartbreak is a memory from the past.
When you are two years old and mommy seems to go away for a couple of days then, yes, that can seem like a threat to your survival. You’ll be saving that memory for later…..much later……again and again.

But the big adult you, the wider and more open you make your big beautiful heart, the more freely experience blows in and flows back out again.
This whole idea of protecting your heart sounds smart and yet for most of us most of the time the damage we cause to ourselves with our own closed hearts is far greater than what that idiot said the other day.

There is no such thing as attack; only defense.
Sure, if someone comes at you with a really sharp sword, well then, keep your heart open and pick up the weapon of your choice. Your closed heart won’t help you here either.
More people die of closed hearts every year than will ever die from real, physical attacks.
There is no such thing as attack; only defense.