The true warrior does not hide from his feelings. He does not numb out. He does not act tough on top of his true feelings. The warrior feels whatever there is to feel in his body. He acknowledges what he is feeling. A man firmly grounded into his masculinity is deeply in touch with the animal nature of his own body. He feels whatever is there to feel.

Our culture does not embrace fear. Our culture is afraid of fear. We tell men to “man up” which is okay as long as you can also tell the truth about it and face your fear. There is prominent advertising about “no fear” which is a lie. There is fear. Don’t be afraid of your own fear. As an initiated man, you will come know your own fear. You will expect it. You will knowingly accept fear for the companion that it is.

Promise yourself that from now on, you will feel the fear whenever fear is present. You will no longer deny, hide or numb yourself from your own true feelings. You will, from now on, embrace your own true feelings. You will feel whatever is there to feel. This is the journey towards emotional awakening.

The journey of awakening is about connecting deeply with your feelings. One of the misconceptions is that a man should be strong but disconnected from his feelings. Yet the opposite is true. A man deeply rooted into his masculine feels his body like a wild animal feels its body. A man fully connected to his own feelings is strong.

A fully grounded man follows the intuition and knowing of the body. Just like the elk in the woods does not need to think and plan for the day ahead, neither does a man need to operate primarily from his thinking. There is an intuition and a knowing that flows through the body, up through your feet and into the core of your gut at the base of your spine.

Much of our current educational system is designed to train you to “think” like everyone else. The system is designed to teach you to ignore your feelings and your body. The rules are about staying in your seat and being quiet. The game is about having the “right” answers in a mental game of memory, test-taking skills and getting the story right. One thousand years earlier men learned skills of hunting in the forest or fighting on the battlefield by moving from the core of your body. Now the game is to give the correct answers as taught by someone else. The educational system creates fine employees but not entrepreneurs. The system is about getting people to conform to and follow the rules.

Teddy 8 31 2005 rotated