The writing of this book has occurred just like this.  I was working with a coach to help me refine my message.  He was helping me drill down to the core, to get to the simplified heart, of that message.  He asked me several questions.  I wrote in a journal for a while.  Two hours later, just moving from flow, we shot a video of me reading into the camera the words that I wrote.  Those words then became the first chapter of this book almost word for word.  That video became a primary marketing piece for the book.  I then committed myself to writing this book within the time span of three weeks.  My website and landing page for this project went live one week later.  I connected with a professional designer who helped me with the cover design of this book that first week.

I would go for a short meditative walk.  Then return to the house and write from my body.  I would write from deep within my core.  Intentionally, I was not writing from my mental thinking.  I was, instead, writing from the flow.  The book was fully written and well on its way to final production within three weeks, not because I had ever written a book before but because I was willing and able to surrender to the flow of it.  I stepped into the current that was already flowing through me.

The completed first draft of this book was done sixteen days after that video shoot.  I am adding this paragraph on day 19 as part of my first complete edit of the book.  The photo shoot for the front cover happens in one week.  The book will be completely edited and done by then.  I knew that Wayne Dyer wrote his first book in one week.  I knew that I could write this book in two weeks time but I gave myself three weeks.  The reason that I “knew” I could do it is because my previous book has been a work in progress for the past ten years.  It is still not complete.  So, clearly, a project like this is not time dependent.  A project like this is not a matter of time but is a matter of flow.

What I did was the opposite of resistance.  Allowing the flow to come through you means inherently that you are allowing synchronicity.  Synchronicity, ease, flow and certainty all travel together.  When you go with the flow, you are in the know.  You know exactly what to do because it, literally, unfolds right before your eyes.  It is not that you have to “figure it out”.  The right people, the right direction, and the next chapter are revealed to you on a need to know basis.