There is a dramatic demonstration of the power of intent and the flow of higher mind in a flock of birds called starlings. Go onto youtube and check out some of the videos on the natural demonstration of murmuration by a flock of starlings. Tens of thousands of these birds gather together and fly in a pattern like a black cloud twisting and changing shape. The murmuration takes on the precise choreography of a great population of individual birds, moving as one synchronized unit in an ever-changing shape which can only be described by mathematical formulas of calculus.

The ever changing choreography is clearly very intentional, unified and the creative expression of some higher mind. Through simple observation, it is easily apparent that each individual bird is not “thinking” about how to keep up with the group and if they should turn left or right just like its neighbors. Clearly, the birds are moving in unison guided by one single mind. The birds do not “think” about what to do. The starlings are guided to move their body by information that is flowing through their bodies.

I have had the same experience with a large school of fish in the Galapagos Islands off of South America. I was able to scuba dive off of the islands and witness a large school of fish swimming near me, darting left, then darting right, back and forth in the ocean in one perfectly synchronized dance of movement. All the fish were following the guidance of a unified mind. I have also seen the same thing in a swarm of bees.

At this point in your journey, it is time to tap into the unified higher mind to which all human beings are connected. There is a grid of knowledge that is bigger than any of the individuals. You are being guided by an intent that is larger than you and that is even larger than all human beings on the planet. This higher mind has an intent for you to play your role in the grand scheme of life in exactly the same way that a higher mind guides each individual starling to turn left or right in precisely the way that forms the highest creative expression for the entire flock of birds.

No one bird is the leader. No one else but you knows what the higher mind would have you do. The intent of a higher mind guides you directly through your own body. All that you must do is open yourself up to feeling it, hearing it and seeing it.

The way that the higher mind communicates and guides you is through your passion. Not your simple “wants” but the deepest desires of your soul are the whisperings of the divine to you for the purpose that is your lifetime here on this planet.

Connecting with the passion that flows through you and honoring the deepest desire within the core of your being is an act of will that is contrary to how we were taught to “think” most of our lives. We were taught to ignore the impulses of the body. We have been trained to “think” like everyone else. But, in fact, there is a much higher mind than individual “thinking”. There is a deep wisdom and knowledge that each of us always has access to through feeling from the depths of our own body.

Passion and desire equals mission and purpose.

Living from within the confines of our mental “thinking” is an inherently fearful way of life. When we are trapped within the limits of our personal ability to “think” then we are cut off from the power and divinity of the universal knowing that is our birthright. A mature elk knows all that there is to know about living his life. The elk does not wonder and worry about the winter to come. He does not doubt himself and flounder in thoughts about being “not good enough”.

The elk doesn’t even reduce himself to “thinking” that he is an elk. Rather, the elk moves from the everything. He is part of the whole. Everything that the elk needs will be revealed to him when and if he really needs it. There is no struggle and no seeking for the elk. The elk simply is.



Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.