Been writing at a good clip. The concept for the book came together two weeks ago in a coaching session. Had the first chapter written right then and there.

I knew I could write this book in three weeks. I figured two weeks but gave myself three. I “knew” that because my previous book has been worked on for the past ten years and it is still not done. So, clearly, time is not the issue.

Clarity and laser focus on the message. Its coming. First draft will be done by Sunday. The book talks about, in part, getting centered into your core and moving from there like an Elk. I have not written any of this book from “thinking”.

The book comes from the bottom of my gut and out of my fingertips. It is possible to write that way. It is possible to walk down the street that way. It is possible to run a business that way. “Thinking” is highly overrated. Most of what most people call “thinking” is just the same thoughts over and over and over again. Ask me how I know.

See a preview of the book HERE.