This is the moment in time where we draw the line in the sand. This is the time where we leave behind questioning, thinking and doubting. Now we move into and from knowing.

Once you have done the work of clearing out the old emotional debris, you begin to approach a state of clear in your body. In the clarity of that channel, you train yourself to drop deeper and deeper into your own pure essence down in the bottom of your gut at the core of your own animal essence. It is from here that we are no longer “I”.
This is the king or queen round. Once you have access to knowing, then you know. The questioning and the doubting will still come up. That is the natural activity of the mental chatter, to question and to doubt. That is its purpose. But we are not that chatter.

Who we are is the force field coming in and up through the bottom of our feet and the energy flowing down through the crown of our head, all collecting at the base of our spine. Deep in our gut is the center of that incoming flow of energy and knowledge and from which it radiates back out through the heart, the hands, the loving and the speaking. We are the center between the energy flowing into our bodies and from where it begins to flow back out as the creative force.

Once we connect to the flow of our life force as it really is then our life force is no longer about “us”. The life force uses us, our bodies, our hearts and our speaking.

Fear is now our companion but no longer our guide. The passion that runs through us is our personal mission of service on the planet. We are the expression of that service. We move from our passion.

The questioning and doubting are shed like an old suit of clothes as we ascend to the throne. We have done the work. We have gotten our self out of the way. Now we drop in fully to the calling of the passion within.