Men – Access your inner Wild Man

As a man, at the bottom of your masculinity lives a Wild Man.  For many of us men, the Wild Man is unknown and completely hidden.

The Wild Man is the energy, the fuel, and the engine for the Warrior.  Unless you have full access to the Wild Man, you do not have full access to the Warrior.  To the extent that your Wild Man is suppressed or hidden, you are suppressed and shut down.  A fully expressive man, in his power, needs access to the full range of his energies and self-expression.

You can not fully open your heart unless you can fully open your belly.

The problem is that, most of the time, the only time that men allow their Wild Man to come out is when they are expressing anger.  The only time that women ever see the Wild Man is when men are expressing anger.  So, when mommy or daddy told you not to express your anger, it looked like you were being told to hide your wild man.  When your lover recoils from your Wild Man, it is because she is reminded of daddy’s anger.

But the Wild Man is not anger.  The Wild Man is the core fuel and energy of masculine expression.  Sure, the energy of the Wild Man will show up when you express anger.  If everyone is lucky, the energy of the Wild Man will show up when you are making love.  But, mostly, the Wild Man is a forbidden aspect of our core energy.  The Wild Man is a major component of the denied self.  The hidden Wild Man is the root of the suppressed man who is unable to fully access and express his deep desire and passion.

The fully passionate man has access to his inner Wild Man.  A man fully in his power can access the full range of the energies within himself.  He gives himself permission.

Give yourself permission now.  Men – it is time to reclaim and embrace your inner Wild Man.