The core issue is that a man has been trained to be completely disconnected from his true feelings. He has been trained to think like everyone else and follow the cultural norm for what he is “supposed to” do.

The minute that a man actually starts feeling his own true feelings, he enters another realm in which his marriage may no longer make sense. His job may no longer serve his soul. His passion may be calling to him to abandon the safety and security of the life he has put together. It may, in fact, be time to demolish his life as he knows it.

What a man needs to do is to begin to feel his true feelings. He may find layers and layers, decades and decades, of suppressed emotions buried in his lungs and gut. These old suppressed emotions will start bubbling out and the uninitiated man will not have the tools or the community of support to assist him into the transition into beginning to truly feel his feelings. So a man needs training and on-going support to enter the world of his feelings.

He may find layer after layer of suppressed emotions going all the way back to early childhood. A man needs to know that it will take time and ongoing work to release all of that suppressed emotion.

But until a man can release the old suppressed emotions, he is not able to free himself to connect with his deep knowing and intuition.

He can not connect deeply with his masculine essence until he clears out the old emotional debris. A man needs to know that it is OK and desirable to do the long journey of clearing out old suppressed emotions.

Once a man does the work of clearing out the emotional debris, he will learn to find weekly support with a community of like-minded men. Like physical exercise, getting grounded and clear is a weekly discipline. An awakened man knows to surround himself with a community of men who will help him stay awake.

An awakened man, who is clear, finds a channel of access to the deep knowing of his own body. Like a wild animal, a clear man no longer needs to think his way through situations and figure them out. A man deeply connected to his masculine core has access to a deep knowing. He is guided by his life purpose.

Life is no longer a series of questions. Rather, life becomes about being of service to his higher purpose. The question of “what should I do today?” is answered by the knowing of what actions would best serve a man’s higher purpose today.

The difference between the uninitiated man and the initiated man is that fear becomes his companion but is no longer his guide.

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