It is possible to love someone and, then, to leave them.  It is possible to be married to them, open your heart up more deeply and wider than ever before, and to love them even more now when they are gone.

I have been blessed in love.  I am luckier than most.  My super power is to love and to be in love.  I am a love magnet.

My former wife is in a new love relationship.  I am in a new love relationship.  We are, now, with different people.  We love them.  They love us.  We love each other.

All we are is love.

It has been almost six months since I kissed my former wife good-bye.  We have not seen each other since.  Sometimes we talk but mostly not.

The heart knows no time.  The heart knows no distance.  The love grows.  It provides me with a strong foundation to go out and love anew.  The love provides her with a strong place to love again with someone new.

There is a reason that we were together for 5 ½ years.  She is…..well…..she is a lot of things…..5 ½ years worth at least.

Sometimes people come together to teach each other a lesson or two.  When the teaching is over, the time is done.  In this case the lesson learned was to love fully and deeply, to hold nothing back.  In this case, the lesson was to expand my heart and love in a new way. My heart grew deep and wide. I also learned to speak my truth so deeply and so openly that nothing, ever, can stop me now.

“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth ‘you owe me’. Look what happens with a love like that.  It lights up the whole sky.”  – Hafiz

According to popular soap opera thinking, I can’t keep loving her and then go on to love again.  It is not right.  The heart can only love one at a time.  To which I could say, “bullshit”.  But better would be for me to say, “too bad for you”.  I can love one, I can love two, I can love many.  And I do.  The heart knows no bounds.  There is no amount of love that is too much.  The only thing that is too “too” is my too little abundance of allowing it all to be.

To my daughter Maya, to my current love, to my former wife, to the former wife before that, and to the one or two other key loves in between, I love you all.  To my best friends I sometimes see, the best friends I never see, all the others, and you, I love you too.  Because I can.