We have left behind the age of competition and entered into the age of collaboration. This confronts the very roots of our “thinking”.

The old way of thinking is like a dying sun, a supernova. The end is near but it has flared up with the appearance of a huge sun, 100 times the size of the original. The core of the old thought system has collapsed but, for the moment, the brilliance of its swan song seems to engulf everything else.

For many people, as the old system appears to become exponentially more authoritarian and oppressive, they will try to comply. “Just make do, obey the rule, and try to get by.”

Others will actively resist and “fight the power”.

Yet, as well, there are new thought leaders who will demonstrate the new ways of thinking, Being, and relating to the world.

Many will hope. Some will react with guns or their money. Some will lead with their empty hands.

Like the cells of any complex organism, human beings each know the role that they are here to play. For example, being a great mother might be your great gift towards the whole. Or maybe writing and speaking in a way that opens the doors of possibility for others is yours. Whatever your unique “you”, following the draw of what you love and are passionate about leads you in the direction of your best gifts.

The “knowing” of who you are and the what there is to do, is something deep within each of us. Some of us require long periods of quiet and reflection to find it. Some of us are already deeply into expressing it.

If you have ever watched a huge school fish “turn on a dime” under water in perfectly choreographic synchronicity, you understand the power of “knowing” that exists between all of life and, in particular, between all human beings. The swan song of the crumbling political and economic structures around us is, itself, a demonstration of the power of the greater mind amongst a herd of human beings.